Inspecting a situation sometimes requires outside help. To enable this, Unomaly has capabilities of sharing and commenting on situations.

Commenting on a situation

When inspecting a situation, you may want to work as a team to understand what has happened and to resolve the situation. If you expand a situation, you can use the comment field to start a discussion about the situation.

You can mention other users with the “@” character and their user name. Start typing the first characters in the name, and Unomaly will show suggestions based on the user accounts on the instance. You can select to autocomplete.

If a user is mentioned, that user will receive a mail notification that someone has mentioned them. The email contains the last comment that was made, together with the actual situation and a link to that specific situation. Clicking on the link “open in gui” takes the user directly to the situation where the discussion can continue.

Sharing a situation

Another way to collaborate with other users is to share the situation with them. Share situations are summarized in an email to the users. The email will contain full details about the situation and all related events, a link to the situation in Unomaly, and your message about the situations of interest.