In 2.30.0, we are releasing experimental scoring for situations.


The current score of a situation is based on the anomaly with the highest impact inside the situation. The experimental score changes that. By taking all anomalies in a situation into account, the experimental score calculation offers insight into whether a situation is important or not.

How it works

The experimental score is calculated as a sum of the weighted scores of all the anomalies contained in the situation. For example, the “new in infrastructure” anomaly has a higher weight than the “new parameter” anomaly. Therefore, “new in infrastructure” anomalies correspond to a larger portion of the situation score.

The sum of anomaly scores is mapped to the 1-10 scale using percentiles. For example, a score that is in the top 0.01% (that is, 1 in 10,000 situations) yields a score of 10. A score that is in the top 5% (1 in 20 situations) yields a score of 6.

Here is a full mapping from percentiles to scores:

Percentile Avg. number of situations Score
Top 0.01% 1 in 10,000 10
Top 0.1% 1 in 1,000 9
Top 1% 1 in 100 8
Top 2.5% 1 in 40 7
Top 5% 1 in 20 6
Top 10% 1 in 10 5
Top 20% 1 in 5 4
Top 35% 1 in 3 3
Top 50% 1 in 2 2
Bottom 50% 1 in 2 1


  • When turning the feature on for the first time, there may be more score 10 than usual. This is due to the fact that the percentile-based mapping needs historic data to accurate. The accuracy will automatically improve over time.
  • The score is only applied to new situations. Old situations will not be affected.
  • The average number of situations is stable over time. If your Unomaly installation creates 20 situations per day, you will on average see one score 6 situation per day and you will on average see on score 10 situation every 500 days.
  • A situation with many parameter anomalies may get a higher score than a situation with few “new in infrastructure”. It may be beneficial to use the search filter to filter out situations with certain types of anomalies.

How to enable the feature

Experimental scores can be turned on in the Unomaly Settings > Experimental tab.

Send us your feedback

Because these experimental features are still in development, your feedback is highly valuable and will help us to learn more about what you want to see in the final product. Fill out the Unomaly Feedback form and let us know what you think.

Send us your metrics

You can enable daily metrics, which will send usage analytics to developers at Unomaly. These analytics will help us to understand the performance of the instances so that we can continue to improve Unomaly. These analytics do not include log data, only summarized and aggregated numbers for your licensed instances.

To enable this feature in the UI,

  1. Go to the General tab in Unomaly Settings.

  2. Select “Send instance analytics to Unomaly”.

  3. Click Save.