Unomaly 2.31 was released on November 19, 2018.

Filter within situations to investigate

In this release, we added filtering capabilities within situations to help you find specific events more quickly when investigating.

  • Click the check boxes next to any anomaly type to hide or show matching events in the list. For example, if you the situation contains “1 Never before seen”, “29 New parameter”, “1 Frequency spike”; You can hide the “29 New Parameter” anomalies to see other two events.
  • Run a keyword search for specific events within the situation. For example, you might want to search the anomalies for log events that describe a “failure”.


Use the graph and time picker to find anomalies

We updated the graph and time range picker to give you more information about what it displays and more options to filter the situations page:

  • The graph is now sticky. As you scroll down through the list of situations, the graph remains visible. But, you can also choose to hide it by clicking “Collapse”.
  • As you hover over individual sections of the bars you can see how many events and which frequency of events they correspond to.
  • You can now Zoom out on graph selections.
  • You can filter the Situations page using new time range presets, which include Last 12 hours, Previous week, Previous month, and so on.


Removed tokenization limit of log messages

To improve how Unomaly learns, we removed the maximum scanned parameter limit for log messages. This means that Unomaly may detect new structural anomalies on the same input data as before because it will analyze more tokens. This is expected behavior as Unomaly relearns these events. Additionally, the incoming log messages are now truncated at 8192 bytes.

Deprecation notice

In an upcoming release, we will remove the snmpd and snmptrapd services from the product. If you rely on SNMP to get data into Unomaly or for monitoring Unomaly, contact [email protected] for alternatives and migration assistance. We will provide more information with the upcoming release.

Upgrade notes

This release of Unomaly supports upgrades from Unomaly 2.25. If you are running an earlier version of Unomaly please contact support at [email protected] and we will assist you with your upgrade.

Additional updates

See the list of updates and known issues in the 2.31 Changelogs.