Unomaly 3.1 was released on February 13, 2019.

Download ISO

Use this file for installs on physical and virtual machines.


Download RUN

Use this file for installs on cloud services and for Unomaly upgrades.

Frequency anomalies are live


After some months of testing, frequency anomalies are now automatically enabled for all Unomaly instances. Frequency anomalies detect when the rate of an event spikes (accelerates rapidly) or stops altogether. Read more about How Unomaly detects anomalies and Investigating anomalies.

The settings for frequency anomalies are now available in the general settings, under Advanced.

Unomaly AMI now available on AWS

If you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can quickly launch Unomaly on an EC2 instance using our Unomaly AMI. Read more about how to Install on AWS with the Unomaly AMI.

Anomalies page updates


You can now share anomalies by selecting “Copy link” from the event menu to the right of each event. Selecting this option will copy a dedicated link to the anomaly in your clipboard that you can share with your colleagues.

UI updates

Our goal is to continue improving the user experience of Unomaly. In this realease, we updated the look of the UI to be more distinctly Unomaly. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Additional updates

  • This release includes performance improvements that will impact how Unomaly detects when a system is away. This means that Unomaly will need to relearn systems and you may not see a system away notification until 500k events have been seen for the system.

See the list of updates and known issues in the 3.1 Changelogs.

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Have a question about the release or need help upgrading? Join us on our community Slack channel for assistance. Of course, if you are already a customer you can always contact our Support team.