Unomaly 2.27 was released on April 10, 2018.

More detailed events


Events and anomalies can now have metadata, such as the container ID and environment, associated with them. Metadata is shown to users as part of an event and is displayed as a list of key value pairs when you click to view the event in Situations. Metadata is automatically added when ingesting data with the new Unomaly plugin for Logstash. This plugin uses a new experimental HTTP API to stream data into JSON format.

See “Integrate data with Logstash”.

New action plugins

We’ve added the following action plugins to the list of Official Unomaly plugins.

Update to frequency anomaly detection


The experimental feature for frequency anomaly detection has been updated to be less noisy and easier to understand in the UI. Spikes for events that have not happened before will be scored higher than spikes for events has have already happened. Detection now also runs for completely new events, where previously it ran only for known events.

The time series graph shown for a frequency anomaly is labeled to better explain the anomaly as a snapshot of the rate of events for the last 95 minutes. Also, frequency anomalies now have an icon to indicate whether it is a spike or drop. The color of the icon, ranging from yellow to red, indicates the score of the frequency anomaly.

Because this is an experimental feature, we do not recommend running it in production. See the tech note for frequency anomalies.

Documentation updates

Release versions

You can upgrade automatically to the latest release from the console menu or download manually.

April 19, 2018

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Fix system alias not used in email notifications
  • Fix possible crash when setting multiple systems back to training


April 10, 2018

Unomaly 2.27 includes the following changes:

  • Fix package.json data not updated in database for pluginjs
  • Improved scoring for frequency anomalies
  • Fixed stopped events profile graphs from getting cut off
  • Fixed a race condition that prevented the events-page to load
  • Add PagerDuty plugin
  • Remove the selected systems after performing actions in the system manager
  • Removed the space in front of known names
  • Fix graph sizing bugs in dashboard
  • Fix issue where authorization using SAML groups would not work properly
  • Display a confirm dialog before closing all open alerts
  • Fix ignored events reported as ‘stopped’
  • Fixed the plugin configurations being fullscreen in Edge