Unomaly 2.22 was released on November 1, 2017.

This release brings you improvements to how situations are presented. We re-added a timeline alongside the situations list to make it easier to understand the chronology. And as you scroll through a large situation, the header and most significant event will stay sticky at the top of the screen. Additionally, new situations automatically load as you approach the bottom of the list to create a smoother experience.

Improved presentation of situations


  • The timestamps of situations are now displayed in a timeline along the left side of the list. This timeline makes it easier to understand the chronology of detected anomalies and also highlights the gaps between clusters of situations when they occur.
  • When you expand long situations, the most significant anomaly is always visible as you scroll through the events.
  • You can now select and drag on the timeline graph to quickly filter anomalies for the selected range and “Zoom to selection”.
  • New situations automatically load as you scroll to the bottom of the Situations page.

Documentation updates

Documentation updates include:

You can upgrade automatically to the latest release from the console menu or download manually.

Release versions

November 20, 2017

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Fix issue where empty double quotes could cause bad tokenization

Novermber 16, 2017

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Fix issue where too large mongo documents could cause a crash

November 9, 2017

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Fix issue where the license verification could fail during heavy database load

November 2, 2017

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Improvements to “Zoom To Selection” in Situations graph
  • Fix issue where Unomaly would not automatically start after reboot
  • Fix issue where notifications and actions did not trigger if system has no alias
  • Fix issue where the systems dropdown inside the header of a situation would render behind other elements
  • Fix issue where Firefox (and possibly other) browsers could not scroll the situations list
  • Fix issue where the Unomaly version could be displayed incorrectly in Settings
  • Fix issue where secondary pages would not always return the user to the Situations page


November 1, 2017

Unomaly 2.22 includes the following changes:

  • Add timeline when sorting situations by time
  • Add function to automatically load more situations on scroll
  • Add tooltip for comment times, displaying the exact timestamp of the comment
  • Add alias field for actions
  • Add sticky situation headers
  • Improved graph selection and zooming capabilities
  • Creating an ignore known will now display a warning message
  • Fix issue where system names are used instead of aliases in certain emails
  • Fix issue where password managers changed SMTP credentials by accident
  • Fix icons for known classifications in the known-modal
  • Fix secondary pages redirecting when going back to situations
  • Fix clicking a known in the situation-header no longer toggles its expanded state
  • Fix clearer visuals (and correct colors) for anomaly types within a situation
  • Fix issue where groups with dashes in their names didn’t display correctly