Unomaly 2.21 was released on September 27, 2017.

This release brings you the new web interface, fully integrated into Unomaly and the capability to send us analytics data about your licensed instances.

You can upgrade automatically to the latest release from the console menu or download manually.

New Unomaly interface


We worked hard to rebuild the core workflow of Unomaly to provide a more direct, responsive, and consistent experience. The new Unomaly interface puts Situations in the forefront and simplifies how you select filters and conditions to investigate anomalies.

Watch the Unomaly 2.21 video to learn more about the new web interface.

Removing Ubuntu support

Unomaly 2.21 does not support direct upgrades or migrations from Unomaly versions that run on the Ubuntu platform. This means that if you are still running Unomaly versions before 2.18, you will need to upgrade to a Debian version of Unomaly (2.20 recommended) and migrate your data before you can upgrade to 2.21 or later.

Daily metrics

When you upgrade to Unomaly 2.21, you will have the option to enable sending Usage Analytics to us. These analytics will help us to understand the health and performance of your instances so that we can continue to improve Unomaly. These analytics do not include log data, only summarized metrics and aggregated numbers (such as the count of systems and events) for your licensed instances.

Documentation updates

Documentation updates include:

Release versions

October 9, 2017

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Fix issue where knowns could get the wrong classification in certain cases

October 6, 2017

Unomaly includes the following changes:

  • Fix issue where truncating logs could introduce invalid characters (see Known Issues)
  • Fix issue where certain situations with score 4 instead received a 7 score
  • Fix issue with metrics example not displaying correctly

Known issues in this release:

  • After this update, some users might see an increase in detected new anomalies if their data includes very long logs (logs larger than 5000 bytes).


September 27, 2017

Unomaly 2.21 includes the following changes:

  • Add new situations view as default
  • Add tool for gathering internal metrics
  • Remove support for Ubuntu
  • Make it possible to resume the UUID migration
  • Fix issue with load more button showing in Situations view when there are no more situations
  • Fix issue where a system is not re-added after being removed until restart
  • Fix issue where workers may not be updated in certain scenarios
  • Fix issue where certain situations were scored higher than they should