We recommend using the Unomaly Console Menu to upgrade a Unomaly instance. If you cannot use the console menu, such as when the instance does not have internet access, follow the instructions for a manual upgrade of a Unomaly instance.

Console menu upgrade

  1. Use SSH to connect to the Unomaly instance and run the following command to start the console menu:

    sudo /opt/unomaly/bin/console_setup

    For more information about accessing the console menu, see “The Unomaly console menu”.

  2. Enter 9 to Upgrade Unomaly.

    The Update Unomaly menu displays the installed version, latest version, and status.

    Status messages such as “Unable to login” or “Upgrade package missing” indicate that you need to log in to the customer portal and download the upgrade package.

  3. To log in to the customer portal, enter 9 to Enter credentials.

    After you log in, you can Check for update and Download update.

  4. (Optional) Enter 1 to Check for update.

  5. Enter 2 to Download update.

    This downloads the upgrade package .run file to the instance.

  6. Enter 3 to Install update.

    The installation is complete when you are returned to the prompt.

  7. Enter Q to return to the main menu.

Manual upgrade

  1. Download the latest upgrade package:


    The Unomaly upgrade package is a versioned .run file, named unomaly-[version].run.

  2. Use SCP or WinSCP (or a similar tool) to copy the upgrade package to Unomaly instance in the directory /tmp/.

  3. Log in to the Unomaly instance, press 7 in the menu and run the upgrade command. Replace [version] with the version number you are upgrading to, for example 2.29.3.

    sudo unomaly-upgrade --version [version] --install

    The installation is complete when you are returned to the prompt.

  4. Remove the upgrade package.