Hipchat plugin

Use the HipChat plugin to send messages to a room in HipChat.

Configuring the HipChat plugin requires the HipChat server URL and a HipChat user access token. You can add a separate configuration for each HipChat server that you want to send messages to.

To add a HipChat configuration:

1. Open Settings > Plugins.

2. Next to the HipChat plugin, click Add Configuration.

3. Give your configuration a name. Each configuration should have a unique Configuration name.

4. Enter the HipChat base URL for the HipChat server to notify.

5. Enter the HipChat user token to access the HipChat API.

6. (Optional) Trigger user notification for situations that have scores of 7 or greater.

7. (Optional) Notify with color-coded messages based on the score of the situation.

8. (Recommended) Test your configuration.

9. Click Save.