Explore system activities

Explore helps you to understand the state of your systems and the data that Unomaly has seen and processed. While Anomalies and Situations focus on what's different in your logs, Explore focuses on the running state of your infrastructure, whether it is normal or not.

Event profiles

The Event profiles view lets you explore all the types of events Unomaly has identified in your infrastructure.

You can use the filter bar to filter on systems, groups, or run a free-text search. You can select a time range to restrict your search. You can also sort on the following values in the events list:

  • Count, which is the total occurrence for a profile
  • First seen timestamp
  • Last seen timestamp
  • Periodicity, which is the mean time between events matching this profile
  • Standard deviation, of the periodicity. A very low standard deviation can indicate that a task is periodic, for example it may be a cron job.


The Infrastructure view displays a realtime bubble chart visualization of the current state of your systems and groups and helps you quickly see which systems are currently behaving differently from others. You can use the filter bar to select and view different groups.

Each bubble represents a system. The diameter of a bubble is proportional to how many events per second this system is producing. A bubble is red if the system it represents has experienced anomalies within the last hour.

  • Hover over a system bubble to see the count of events per second and the number of anomalies seen in the last hour.
  • Click the center of the bubble to redirect you to the Anomalies page filtered on the system you selected.
  • Click on other areas of the bubble to zoom in to the system.