Use the Syslog plugin to forward the important Unomaly situations to other apps via syslog.

Configuring the Syslog plugin requires server address, port, and protocol.

Syslog plugin configuration

To add a Syslog configuration:

  1. Open Settings > Plugins.

  2. Next to the Syslog plugin, click Add Configuration.

  3. Give the configuration a name. Each configuration for this plugin should have a unique Configuration name.

  4. Enter the Server address, which is the IP address or domain name of the server where the situations forward to.

  5. Enter the Server port, which is the receiving port on the server where the situations forward to.

  6. Select the Transport, or syslog protocol, to use: UDP or TCP.

  7. (Optional) Check RFC3164, otherwise the configuration defaults to RFC5424.

  8. (Recommended) Test the configuration.

  9. Save the configuration.