This topics provides guidelines for migrating from a Standalone deployment to a distributed deployment with Manager and Worker instances.

The Standalone instance receives and processes incoming data streams and stores the learning and other knowledge opjects. When migrating an existing Standalone deployment to a distributed deployment, we recommend reconfiguring the Standalone instance into a Worker instance to avoid having to redirect data streams to another machine. Instead, you will install a new instance to be the Manager, then migrate the learnings to this new Manager instance.

  1. Install a new instance to be the Manager. You can skip this step if you are adding the Standalone instance to an existing distributed deployment that already has a Manager.

    Install a new Unomaly instance and configure it to be the Manager in the distributed deployment. See instructions to “Configure Unomaly instances for distributed deployment”.

  2. (Recommended) This step is recommended if you want to keep the existing learnings database. Follow the steps to backup the database from the Standalone instance and restore it to the Manager instance. See instructions in “Backup and restore tools”.

  3. Reconfigure the role of the Standalone instances to be Workers and connect each Worker to the Manager.

    Use the console menu to convert the Standalone instance to a Worker instance and connect it to the Manager.

    1. On the console menu, choose option 2 to Select instance role.

    2. Enter Worker.

    3. When prompted, enter the IP address of the Manager instance to connect to.