This topic provides guidelines for migrating Unomaly from the older Ubuntu platform to the new Debian-based platform.

If you are running on a cloud platform (installed using the .run file), you cannot use the ISO to migrate to the new platform. Instead, follow the backup and restore procedure to back up the current instance, install a new ISO, and restore the instance from backup.

If you need assistance, please contact support. We are happy to assist you with the entire migration process.

Before You Start

Before starting the migration process:

  1. Download to Unomaly and run the upgrade package.

  2. Download the unomaly- ISO package, but do not install it. You will use it during the migration steps.

  3. Create a backup of the current state. The migration process overwrites your existing installation. If the migration fails, you can restore from the backup.

Migration Steps

  1. SSH into the Unomaly instance, select “Migrate to new platform”, and select “Prepare system for migration”. Make sure that “Migration prepared” says “true” before continuing.

    Prepare Migration

  2. Use the ISO file you downloaded in the preparation steps, and mount it in your server or hypervisor on the same Unomaly instance.

  3. In the bootup menu, use the down arrow to select the second option in the menu, and press ENTER to start the migration.

    Boot Splash

  4. In the following screen, select “Manual”.

    Partman Method

  5. For every partition having “#1”, except for the swap partition:
    1. Select the partition and press Enter.
    2. Configure according to the screenshots below.

    Partman List

    Repeat for each partition:

    1. Select “Use as”, press enter, then select “Ext4 journaling filesystem”.
    2. Then select the other options according to the screenshots.
    3. End with selecting “Done setting up the partition”.

    The data partition:

    1. Note the special mount directory for this partition (/DATA).
    2. Be certain to select “no, keep existing data” for “Format the partition” as well.

    Partman data

    The opt partition:

    Partman opt

    The root partition:

    Partman root

    The var partition:

    Partman var

    The boot partition:

    Partman boot

    In the end, the list should look exactly like the following image. Select “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk” to continue.

    Partman List Done

  6. Confirm the changes. Make sure that LV data is not in this list.

    Partman Confirm

  7. The migration will now continue on its own.

When the migration completes, log into the console menu and reset the IP address for the instance.

See instructions for changing network settings using the Unomaly console menu.

Restart the instance to activate the license.