A Unomaly instance requires a valid license before it can process or analyze the data it receives. In the case of Standalone Unomaly setups, the license needs to be installed on each Standalone instance. For distributed Unomaly setups, the license needs to be installed on the Manager instances. Workers do not need to have a license installed on them, since they will be associated with at least one Manager instance.

The Unomaly license key dictates the following:

  • Number of systems that the deployment or instance can analyze data from. If the Unomaly instance receives data from more systems than the license allows, the instance does not analyze the data from the additional systems.
  • Valid length in days before the license expires. After the license expires, you will not be able to log into the instance.
  • The IP address of the instance, either a Standalone or a Manager instance, for which the license applies. This means that you cannot apply the same license to another instance.
  • Customer name indicates the purchaser or owner of the license.

View the license information

While the license is valid, you can view its status in the Unomaly Settings. The license information displays the number of systems you have added to the instance out of the licensed limit and the expiration date of the license.

After the license expires, you cannot log into the web interface until you update the license.

Adding the license

You need to use the console menu to add or update a license to a Unomaly instance.

  1. Use SSH to log into the Unomaly instance’s console interface.

  2. Choose option 8 to Update license.

  3. When prompted to enter a license answer “yes” and paste in the license.

Your license will be immediately validated, and the Unomaly processes will start.

Exceeding the licensed system limit

If your instance receives date from more systems than what they license dictates, Unomaly sends a system notification via email once a day. An example of the email follows:

Subject: UNOMALY | Note! You are oversubscribing your license

Your license is valid for 1250 systems, and you are monitoring 1251 systems.

The instance will continue to process and analyze data for all systems already being monitored. You can resolve this issue by disabling unprioritized systems or contacting Unomaly Support to purchase a new license or increase the number of systems on your license.

Approaching the license expiration date

In the week before the license expires, the Unomaly instance will notify you each day of the impending expiration.

Subject: UNOMALY | Note! License expires in 4 days

Your Unomaly license expires in 4 days.

If you do not update the license, and it expires, the instance stops processing new data. All previous data will be retained and available to view in the web interface. You can resolve this issue by contacting Unomaly Support to purchase a new license.