Configuring your Unomaly deployment to send email is an important part of integrating it into your environment. If you do not configure the email server, your Unomaly instance can not send notifications when there are issues with the deployment or for alerts on monitored systems.

Adding your own email server

Follow these instructions to add your own email server to the Unomaly instance.

In the Unomaly interface’s Settings > Email view:

  1. Set SMTP server name and port number.

    • The server name is the IP address or host name of the email server. We recommend that the server have restricted (internal) access.
    • The port number should be 25.
  2. (Optional) If your server requires Authentication, set the username and password.

  3. Set the Sender email address to use for outbound emails. For example, [email protected]

  4. Click Save.