This topic discusses how to back up and restore a Unomaly instance.

Log into the Unomaly instance

You need to log into the Unomaly instance to run the backup or restore tools.

  1. Use SSH to connect to the Unomaly instance and log in to the console menu.

    See “The Unomaly console menu”.

  2. In the console menu, enter 7 to get to the system shell.

Once in the system shell, you can run the commands to backup or restore Unomaly.

Backup options

Use the unomaly-backup command to back up a Unomaly instance’s learnings, configuration, and data. This commands saves the information into a compressed file in the specified path.

unomaly-backup - Backup everything related to Unomaly

  -h --help           Show this help and exit
  -b --backup         Start backup
  -p --path           Customize backup path (default: '/DATA')
  -d --delete-events  Delete raw events to make room for backup

If there’s not enough storage for the backup in the specified path, it will fail. When this happens, you have two options:

  • (Recommended) Run the backup command and save the backup to a different path, such as an external storage device.
  • Run the backup command and delete raw events to make room for the backup file.

Restore options

Use the unomaly-restore command to restore a Unomaly instance from a backup file.

unomaly-restore - Restore a Unomaly backup file

Usage: unomaly-restore [options] [filename]

  -h --help           Show this help and exit
  -f --force          Force restore even though versions do not match

If you run the unomaly-restore command without options, you will be directed to the help information.