Unomaly Documentation Overview

Unomaly is an algorithmic monitoring platform that analyzes log data to give teams information about anomalies in their IT environments. Working with anomaly detection helps teams to act on issues early, before they become more complex and expensive to investigate and resolve.

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Getting data into Unomaly

Follow the links to see guidelines for getting data from common input sources into Unomaly. See Data Inputs Overview.

Integrate data from Docker.
Integrate data from Fluentd instances.
Collect and forward log data with the help of Logstash log shipper.

Syslog servers

Integrate data from syslog servers.

Unix and Linux

Integrate data from Unix and Linux systems.
Integrate data from VMWare ESX systems.
Integrate data from Windows Events Logs and applications.

Official Unomaly Plugins

Unomaly ships with pre-installed action plugins that you can configure in the Settings menu. Each plugin supports multiple configurations. Follow the links to see how to configure each of the plugins.

Create Jira tickets from Unomaly situations.
Push alerts and notifications to Microsoft Teams.
Get incidents into PagerDuty from Unomaly situations.
Send messages to a team channel in Slack.

Syslog plugin

Forward the important Unomaly situations to other apps via syslog.